In the days bygone, Parents used to tell their children: “You will read, you will write, you will be a big man, you will play, you will be a bad man” but that has changed. sports have now become a rewarding career option. if you’ll ask a small boy what he wants to be, he is likely to reply with the name of his “role model in cricket.” the mania for cricket in the world cuts across social strata, geography, age or even gender. Cricket is a religion in this world– a religion that unifies Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and every other community. Mention the word “cricket” and what comes immediately to mind is that the sports would not have been the same without cricket. At a global level, we cannot talk about sports without Cricket.

Over the course of time Hunt garments have achieved a lot in cricket sponsoring and manufacturing kits for different international teams specifically Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Kenya.


Hunt Garments And Pakistan Cricket Team:

-ICC World T-20 2014

-ACC Asia Cup 2014

-Pakistan tour to Srilanka 2015

-Srilanka tour to Pakistan in Dubai 2015

-Zimbabwe tour to Pakistan 2015

Hunt Garments And Afghanistan Cricket Team:

-ICC World T20 2014
-ACC Asia Cup 2014
-ICC CWC 2015
-ACC Asia Cup 2018
-ICC CWC Qualifiers 2018
-Afghanistan tour to Bangladesh 2018
-Afghanistan tour to India 2018

Hunt Garments And Kenya Cricket Team:

-Kenya tour to Pakistan 2015
-Supplied Kits on several Training camps to Kenya 


Currently, Hunt garments are manufacturing full sublimated Cricket kits with the following Specifications:




-100% Microfiber polyester

-Material wicks sweat & dries really fast

-Customization Service available

-Solid Colors

-Soft Feel

-Machine/Hand wash

-UK and US sizes are available in all designs 


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