What is Cut&Sew?

Put simply, cut and sew is used to denote a garment (like a t-shirt), that has been customized from “raw” fabric, instead of simply being printed onto a pre-made, off the shelf garment.

Cut and sew may simply be used to change the design a sleev, or add an extra design to the shirt or the Trouser. This is often used when sublimation printing a t-shirt to allow for different designs to be printed onto shirt sleeves,arms or often on Trouser panels.

Cut and sew can simply be the augmentation of an existing garment or the manufacture of a complete garment from scratch.

Key Benefits of Service

  • Cut and sew is great for when you want your clothing to be unique.
  • It works great with sublimation printing, allowing for a complete, all-over print.
  • Works best for less customized and low budget orders.
  • Allows for the augmentation of existing garments, eg. add panels or design on shirts sleeve and arms.

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