What is Sublimation?

In simple terms, it’s a method of printing that transfers a design or image into a cloth or fabric using ink and heat. In the world of apparel, it’s indeed a game changer that takes designing and fashion to another level.

Well, sublimation printing uses heat to imbed ink into the design or image and finally into the cloth together as one.

First, a design is printed on a special paper. The inks which can be used to develop into gas when brought under the heat, then integrate with the fabric and completely print onto the Cloth. the results are everlasting and less prone to fading because the ink is embedded in the cloth or substrate instead of really laying on top like a regular print.

The final result is a permanent, full-color image that will not crack, peel, or wash away from the Cloth.

Key Benefits of Sublimation

  • One Time Investment

  • Permanent printing solution

  • Everlasting and less prone to fading or peeling off

Types of Sublimation:

Full Sublimation

Design is embedded on the complete shirt including Front, Back, and Arms as explained in the picture below:

Front Back Sublimation

Design is embedded only on the front and back of the shirt with arms plain as explained in the picture below:



Front Sublimation

Design is only embedded on the front of the  shirt with back and arms plain as explained in the picture below:


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